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Want to enter the Australian lending market?  We can instantly provide 8,020+ distributors, a Credit License & all the infrastructure to get you going.

Easylodge Infrastructure Services is your Australian partner, providing all the necessary elements you require in order to launch into the Australian market.

Easylodge provides all the elements you need in order to launch and grow your own lending business on a pay as you go bureau basis, where you only pay for the services and you need and on a cost per transaction basis.  This means whether you’re a small lender wishing to fund a handful of loans, to a large provider wishing to enter the market as a credit provider and not merely an introducer, our ready-made and industry beating infrastructure and services are available to support your business.

These products and services encompass the entire credit lifecycle:

  • An ASIC Australian Credit Provider’s Licence
  • ASIC licence approved credit provider processes, systems manuals & documentation
  • Product specifications (motor vehicle, business equipment, consumer finance, mortgage)
  • Credit contracts & associated documentation
  • Distribution network (The Easylodge Community™), some 8,300+ strong and growing
  • Easylodge™ origination platform for your own distribution network
  • Origination & pre-funding finance verification services
  • Funding services
  • Loan management services (repayments, customer service, statements, etc.)
  • EasyTrack™ loan management platform
  • Arrears management
  • Treasury services

Each of these products and services is available on a pay as you go basis, thus ensuring your establishment and go forward costs are directly related to the size of your business.

We call this the Easylodge Advantage™

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