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The Easylodge Community™ is Australia’s largest trading community of finance distributors, currently numbering 11,600+ members and processing over 3,300 finance applications per month.

These members all utilise EasyLodge® to originate their non-mortgage, gaining efficiencies and delivering exceptional customer service to their clients in the process.  The competitive advantage that EasyLodge® delivers includes:

  • Multiple finance products
  • From multiple Lenders
  • Across multiple asset classes
  • Credit decisioned within 30 seconds
    (with full scorecard)
  • Contracts created in 3 seconds
  • Delivered at branch, broker or point of sale
  • Fully NCCP & AML compliant
  • Badged in any name

This trading community is fully managed & maintained by EasyLodge™, so as to ensure efficiency and deliver results.

Enquire today about becoming a member or an EasyLodge Community™ Lender