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EasyLodge® Loan Origination & Loan Management Software

Made By Australians, For Australians


Manage distribution networks, accept applications in seconds, make the right credit decisions, deliver a fundamentally better service level applicants and manage your loan book much more efficiently and profitably.  EasyLodge® lending software does all that, built, maintained and enhanced by Australians, in Australia, specifically for the Australian market.


Whether you’re a consumer or commercial lender, our software and support infrastructure is much more than just a CRM.  Give us a call and to find out more – 02 4002 4200.

Make Better Decisions. Get More Done. Maximise Profitability.

Loan application handling and credit decisioning is not just about the customer.

It’s about workflow. It’s about automated & accurate credit decisioning. Proper workflow practices to accurately & efficiently process finance applications.  It’s about automated document creation, for speed, efficiency and elimination of errors. It’s about doing more with fewer resources, to maximise efficiency, speed to market and profits.

You need more than a CRM.  You need EasyLodge.

For a confidential discussion on how EasyLodge and enhance and streamline your origination process, please call us on +61 2 4002 4211.

EasyLodge®. Lending reimagined beyond the CRM.

Lending requires more than a CRM. If you’re handling 40+ applications a month, you need a dedicated origination platform that is geared for volume based handling of credit & workflow.  CRM systems can’t handle this. 

Amongst the world’s most advanced full credit lifecycle origination & loan management platforms, EasyLodge® is ideal for Finance Companies and Fintech Lenders looking to increase efficiencies. EasyLodge® is specifically designed from the ground up as a credit origination platform, delivering a clear competitive advantage to our clients.

Break the mould of traditional lending practices. Reimagine a credit origination platform that provides you with a clear competitive advantage in the market, with better control over your lending operations, better customer service, massive cost advantages and greater regulatory compliance.

Intelligent Machine Learning Powered Credit Engines. Reimagined.

Easylodge is proud to announce the release of version 5 of our renown, industry leading credit engine.  Based upon our proven V4 engine, Credit V5™ now incorporates machine learning elements, to better assists credit managers improve decisioning and deliver a clear competitive advantage.

The World’s First And Only Instant Mortgage. Delivered.

The world’s first instant decision & instant contract in a mortgage.  Only via EasyLodge®.

Taking technology that we pioneered in Australia for consumer finance and now applying it to mortgage asset classes, EasyLodge® delivers an instant competitive advantage.  Imagine an instant, 30 second credit risk priced credit decision and a fully completed contract pack available for download, available 24×365 from anywhere in the world, badged in any name, via computer, mobile or tablet.

EasyTrack®. Loan Management Delivered.

EasyTrack® loan management platform complements EasyLodge® in functionality and provides clients with a state of the art engine to manage customer portfolios.

EasyTrack® completes the entire credit lifecycle by funding applications and managing credit portfolios, from funding to direct debiting to customer portfolio management and represents a quantum leap in functionality and robustness over what is currently available in the market today.

The Easylodge Community™. Sales. Delivered.

The Easylodge Community® is Australia’s largest network of finance distributors, currently numbering 24,000+ members across Australia & processing over 6,000 finance applications per month.

Utilise the power of this finance network to distribute your finance & insurance products.

Infrastructure Services. Delivered.

Easylodge provides industry beating products and services to assist our clients in their finance operations across the entire credit lifecycle, from distribution to origination, credit, documentation, funding, loans management & arrears handling.

In addition to our award winning and industry beating software, utilise our expertise and infrastructure to allow you to launch and run a lending business, without the costs, time, regulatory issues and market seedign required to set up and run your own operation.


Easylodge provides fintech lenders with everything required to launch your own lending business, including a credit license, distribution, processing and treasury operations. We do all the work, efficiently and cost effectively, allowing you to reap the rewards.


Easylodge enables international lenders to enter the Australian lending market efficiently and cost effectively, by providing all the necessary licencing and infrastructure required to launch and grow their business, including systems, credit licenses, back end processing infrastructure and a ready made distribution network. We do the work, efficiently and cost effectively, to allow you to reap the rewards.

EasyLodge® origination, credit, distributor & loan management software. Gain the EasyLodge Advantage™.

EasyLodge® is Australia’s most advanced finance origination and loan management platform, delivering the fastest, most cost effective, ASIC NCCP compliant & customer friendly way of originating credit, ideal for Finance Companies or Fintech lenders. Gain the Easylodge Advantage™.  Call us on 02 4002 4211 for a discussion.

Multiple Finance Products


Across Multiple Asset Classes

Credit Decisioned Within 30 Seconds

(with full credit scorecard)

Contracts Created Immediately

Delivered at Branch, Broker or Point of Sale

Fully NCC & AML compliant

Badged in any name

Whether you’re a Bank, Credit Union, Finance Company or Finance Broker/Aggregator, you too can utilise Australia’s first and only finance “wrap” to manage your business more efficiently and stand out in a competitive market.