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EasyLodge® Loan software. Delivered.

EasyLodge® is without doubt Australia’s most advanced finance origination platform, ideal for fintech lenders and credit providers looking to increase their lending efficiencies & customer service. It has been specifically designed from the ground up to manage non-mortgage finance, be it consumer finance, business equipment, motor vehicles & related asset classes.
Easylodge Loan Origination Software

EasyLodge® allows lenders and originators to provide finance products and services via brokers, point of sale, branch and direct web interfaces in a highly efficient and customer responsive manner, not only drastically reducing administration costs but also significantly increasing the breadth and interactivity with your distribution networks, be they direct applicants via web or via 3rd party introducers (point of sale, broker, etc.). EasyLodge® manages the entire origination lifecycle, from management of distributors to product information, online application wizards, instant credit decisioning (30 seconds), instant contract creation (3 seconds) and application tracking all the way to funding.

EasyLodge® is represented in an easy to use and thoroughly professional manner, which is considered a joy to use by your administration staff. EasyLodge® truly is a more efficient and more effective method to access, document, track & fund applications, thus saving considerably on processing costs and thereby giving you a clear competitive advantage in a crowded market.

There is little doubt that adopting EasyLodge® across your organisation allows you to not only make your business far more efficient, but also to greatly increase both the size and scope of your operations.

EasyLodge® is Australian built, specifically for the negative reporting credit demands of our industry. As well as the lender business equipment lending space, we have delivered EasyLodge® to the motor vehicle, business equipment & consumer finance industries, as well as to mortgage origination clients wanting to enter the business equipment/motor vehicle/consumer lending markets.

We call this The EasyLodge Advantage®.

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