Privacy Policy

This statement explains your privacy rights and our rights and obligations in relation to your personal information. The Privacy Act regulates the way Easylodge Pty Ltd uses personal information provided about you.

The Privacy Act allows for information about the applicant and/or guarantor named below in the application “You” to be disclosed. Most of this information is collected using an Easylodge Pty Ltd application form and supporting documents you are required to furnish.


No Need To Disclose Information

You are under no obligation to provide us with the personal information as requested in the application form and supporting documents, however without such information we or our Credit Providers cannot complete the application process and thus provide you with the products or services you are requesting.


Collection & Exchange Of Information

The information collected includes various details relating to yourself, your age, sex, date of birth, marital status, your current and previous accommodation circumstances, your current and previous employment, the amount of credit you have applied for, your previous and current credit history, any overdue payments on other credit provided to you, any outstanding or completed liabilities, your assets, your income, any judgements or any debt recovery action taken against you by a credit provider or their nominated representatives and any other information that in our opinion is relevant to the assessment of your creditworthiness for the purposes of accepting any offer to borrow made by you. Easylodge Pty Ltd collects this information for the purposes of providing our customers with the products and services they request, as well as information on other products or services provided by other Credit Providers or other companies that form part of the Easylodge Group. Easylodge Pty Ltd may also use this information in order to assist you to meet your credit obligations.


Information Exchanged with External Bodies And Agents

Information collected may be verified by Easylodge Pty Ltd, our Credit Providers or one of our independent agents for the purposes of avoiding fraud and inaccuracies in the information provided. You are obliged to provide Easylodge Pty Ltd and our Credit Providers with complete and accurate information in order to allow Easylodge Pty Ltd and our Credit Providers to provide you with the goods and services you requested. Easylodge Pty Ltd or our Credit Providers may contact any employer, tax agent, accountant, financial advisor, real estate agent or any other personal or organisational entity for the purposes of verifying any detail given by you in the application. You provide your permission where necessary to enable this information to be exchanged. Easylodge Pty Ltd and our Credit Providers may disclose your personal information with external agents, for example debt collection companies, property valuers or mailing companies, for the purpose of administering this loan; both before and after credit is granted. No personal information will be given to external parties other than for the express purpose of assessing or administering this loan, without your express permission. Easylodge Pty Ltd and our Credit Providers may also obtain information from other commercial information sources in order to further assess your creditworthiness and to verify your details. This includes land titles and motor registry databases, as well as other sources or databases of information.


Information Exchanged with Credit Agency & Other Credit Providers

Easylodge Pty Ltd and our Credit Providers may exchange credit information about you with any credit reporting agency and with other credit providers named in this application as being a current or previous creditor, or with creditors listed in a credit report as having dealt with you in any capacity, including having applied for credit in the past. Easylodge Pty Ltd and our Credit Providers can provide a credit reporting agency information that allows others to be notified of the amount of credit that you have applied for, that, if successful, you will be provided with credit, any payment due to Easylodge Pty Ltd or our Credit Providers that is more than sixty (60) days overdue and where we have commenced debt recovery action against you, if in our opinion or that of our Credit Providers it is believed that you do not intend to meet your credit obligations. Easylodge Pty Ltd may disclose your application and credit information to other credit providers and organisations at their request should you apply for credit from them or be in default of their loans documentation or where they can satisfy us that they are genuinely trying to contact you for the purposes of administering their loan. Easylodge Pty Ltd or our Credit Providers may be obliged by law, under various legislation, to provide personal information to various organisations, Governments or statutory bodies.


Information Given To Guarantors

Easylodge Pty Ltd or our Credit Providers may give information to any guarantor or prospective guarantor of your credit contract any information relating to your creditworthiness, credit standing, and credit history or credit capacity in connection with this credit application. This information includes, but is not limited to, your current and previous employment, your living arrangements, your income history, your assets, your liabilities, information or report gained by a credit reporting agency or other information source. We will give to the guarantor or prospective guarantor any information pertaining to the credit application they may reasonably require.


Your Access To Personal Information

At any time you may access all personal information held by Easylodge Pty Ltd relating to you. This can be done by telephone, facsimile, via post at PO Box 21 Charlestown NSW 2290 or email: As we carefully guard your private information, you will be requested to provide personal details for identification purposes.


Acceptance Of This Policy

By signing this application or submitting this application form electronically you authorise and consent to Easylodge Pty Ltd obtaining and exchanging personal information in accordance with the terms set out in this privacy statement.