Intelligent Machine Learning Powered Credit Engines. Reimagined.

Version 5 now released. Better, faster & even more intelligent.
Easylodge Machine Learning

Easylodge® is proud to announce the release of version 5 of our renown, industry leading credit engine. Based upon our proven V4 engine, Credit V5™ now incorporates machine learning elements, to better assists credit managers improve decisioning with the help of our engine. Machine learning is applied in two ways, for both forward projections, as well as “what if” scenarios for regression analysis.

Version 5 is also optimised for secured asset classes, in addition to our acclaimed prime grade unsecured engine, recognised as the most sophisticate credit type in the world. Whatever the asset class and product type, EasyLodge® Credit v5™ provides a robust, highly intelligent and instant decision based model to better separate good from bad credit.

Credit V5™ also allows you to introduce dynamic, market based pricing to your product portfolio. With more information at your fingertips, you can better price risk, meaning fewer knowledge gaps and therefore a better return on your investment. Take the risk out of risk.

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