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The World’s First And Only Instant Mortgage. Delivered.

The world’s first instant decision & instant contract in a mortgage. Only via EasyLodge®.
easylodge instant mortgage

In the highly competitive, price driven consumer mortgage market, finding a competitive advantage is difficult. Everyone price matches everyone else. Everyone has BDMs talking to brokers, realtors and introducers. Everyone spends a fortune of advertising. Everyone tries to be as good a corporate citizen as possible. You’re trying hard, but not standing out. Why choose you over your competitors

Taking technology that we pioneered in Australia for consumer finance and now applying it to mortgage asset classes, EasyLodge® delivers an instant competitive advantage. Imagine an instant, 30 second credit risk priced credit decision and a fully completed contract pack available for download, available 24×365 from anywhere in the world, badged in any name, via computer, mobile or tablet.

We’re applying our proven technology to the mortgage market to ensure you stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage. Call us on 02 4002 4211 or 0121 318 4880 to gain the Easylodge® Advantage.

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easylodge instant mortgage